A downloadable party game for Windows

This 2-4 player party game combines sports and shooter games into one. It's physics based soccer and guns. You can play with four of your friends in a 2v2 team based game, or you can single out your opponent in a 1v1 game. Gather your friends, your enemies and your controllers to play Shotball!

Install instructions

To connect controllers, wait until main menu screen has loaded, then connect for best results. Once downloaded, extract the file in your preferred location (winRAR is recommended, but not required) Make sure the ShotBall_data folder and the exe file are in the same location (for example, both on your desktop, or both in your games folder). You can now play the game! (If you want the exe on your desktop, but not the data folder, store both in another location, then right click on your desktop, select new, then shortcut. Find the Shotball exe)


Shotball.zip 40 MB

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